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  • Keith Hopper

Four Simple Ways to Test Your Assumptions

Updated: Feb 26

One of the most effective ways to ensure success of your new initiatives is to identify and test your assumptions. It can be challenging though to understand what kind of tests are possible and which are appropriate depending on what you're trying to learn and where you are in your project journey.

Here's a simple test type framework and a concrete example. My hope is that this makes exploring and testing ideas more approachable and inspires you to more readily consider small, experimental efforts as powerful ways to get smarter, faster.

The simple framework introduces four test types: Ask, Show, Offer and Deliver:

Here's a free video from my LinkedIn Learning Course on innovation that explains this "Ask-Show-Offer-Deliver" assumptions testing framework:

Here's another clip that introduces a concrete example, and shows how each test type might be used - in this case, for exploring incentives for employees in coming to the office.

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