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The world is constantly evolving. The pandemic has hit higher education like a tsunami and created unprecedented challenges. On the flip side...

Change has been accelerated. Opportunities have been revealed at an unprecedented rate.

Together, we can seize the moment.


We partner with organizations to discover and execute on innovation opportunities. In the process, we help to build an innovation culture & future-proof teams.

We help publishing organizations understand and create new tools to meet the shifting needs of students, educators, and institutions and address the future of work.


We help educational institutions reimagine the future of learning, their programs and campuses, and how they use technology.


We equip teams to innovate faster by orienting around learning. We have a set of tools, processes and frameworks to discover opportunities and unstick your innovation efforts. 

NEW! We created a set of worksheets for anyone who wants to use our frameworks to move their idea forward. 
DFL process.png
1. Define innovation opportunities

Whether your starting point is an idea, a hunch, or just the vague sense of an opportunity area, you can unpack and reframe it into actionable elements.

2. Identify and prioritize learning targets

Map the assumptions that underlie your idea  into the four quadrants based on impact on the project and uncertainty. Test the most critical, uncertain assumptions first.

3. Develop learning pathways

Select the right tools that target the learning outcomes you've prioritized. Being focused on the most important learnings and small, purposeful experiments avoids drawn-out research projects or expensive build mistakes.

4. Run rapid experiments and quickly mature solution

Real learning comes from purposeful tests with stakeholders and users.

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